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    Cyber security

    • Friday 12 April, 2024
    • 09:30 – 11:00
    • Equilibrium Financial Planning, Ascot House, Epsom Avenue, Handforth, Wilmslow SK9 3DF
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    Cyber security

    In this digital age, we’re all connected more than ever, making it even more crucial to ensure our online experiences are safe and secure.

    The trend of online shopping is on the rise, with a staggering 27.4% of all sales being conducted through digital platforms. Nevertheless, it is not just during shopping that we need to be vigilant as cyber criminals employ various tactics to gain unauthorised access to our valuable data.

    In this era of social media dominance, the ease of accessing personal information online has reached unprecedented levels. Consequently, cybercriminals now possess powerful tools to exploit human psychology and behaviours through a technique known as social engineering.

    During this exclusive Masterclass, we will equip you with the expertise to recognise different forms of cyber-attacks and provide you with the most effective methods to safeguard yourself. Additionally, we will demystify all the technical terms, ensuring you know your smishing from your vishing, and your malware from your scareware.

    Furthermore, our team of specialists will reveal the preventive measures implemented by Equilibrium to shield your data from the constantly escalating menace of corporate cybercrime.



    9.30am: Registration, food and drink

    10am: Masterclass

    11am: Finish

    Please note, this is an informative rather than an interactive event therefore our seating arrangement for this masterclass has been extended to 30 attendees.

    Reasons to attend this masterclass:

    • Heightened awareness of the current and common cyber threats.
    • A strong call to action, urging you to assess and enhance your personal cyber-security.
    • Increased confidence in navigating the online realm.
    • Clear guidance on how to respond in the event of an attack.
    • In-depth understanding of the preventive measures implemented by Equilibrium to safeguard your data.

    Your friendly expert

    Speaker image

    Lucy Woolrich

    Head of Talent Making people’s lives better in Lucy's role is nurturing, developing the talented professionals that work at Equilibrium and now our masterclasses format allows her to help our clients too. Lucy is a firm believer in harnessing a growth mindset and that life requires continuous learning.
    Speaker image

    Amanda Jackson

    Technology Manager Amanda excels in finding new and innovative technology which not only saves time for the Equilibrium team but also enhances the service we provide. She believes everyone has the right to a safe and secure online experience, and she works relentlessly to make that a reality through implementing efficient cyber security policies, regular internal training and holding masterclasses.
    Speaker image

    Geane Pinto

    Head of Platform and Security - Axon With over 20 years of experience in IT and security, our dedicated IT specialist, Geane and his team have been providing Equilibrium with diagnostic and technical IT support for over 9 years to ensure our systems run as smoothly as possible. When it comes to staying safe and secure online, he believes that being proactive, having awareness and remaining informed is essential.


    Equilibrium Financial Planning, Ascot House, Epsom Avenue, Handforth, Wilmslow SK9 3DF
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