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    Did you enjoy Equinox Live?

    Equinox Live

    We hope you enjoyed it!

    Keep an eye on our social media for a video and photographs of the day:






    Below, we’ve also provided a recap of the key takeaways from each speaker on the day.

    Nick Leeson

    All of the knowledge in the world means nothing if you don’t understand it. To avoid catastrophic mistakes like the ones that led to the collapse of Barings, you must recruit the right people and management must stay close to the business. When mistakes happen, you must hold your hands up and accept responsibility.

    Michael Bell

    If you look closely, you can find clues that have historically been good indicators of a recession. Like a volcano, you cannot definitely predict when it is going to happen, but you can pay close attention to the warning signs.

    Greg B Davies

    Don’t let emotions rule your actions – if you can pre-empt that emotions will interfere with your decision process in the future, you should put systems in place to prevent ‘future you’ from sabotaging your decisions.

    Alexis Conran

    Anyone can be scammed – the easiest way to become a victim is to think that you are too clever to be fooled. There are five pillars to any scam: misdirection, time pressure, opportunity, social compliance and social proof.

    Remember ABCD: Assume nothing; Believe nothing; Challenge everything; Delete if in doubt.

    Gervais Williams

    Highly correlated assets present a serious diversification risk. A balanced portfolio must contain diversified assets.

    Debate Mate

    A big thank you to the children from Plymouth Grove and Cedar Mount schools who took part in the debate. We hope you enjoyed hearing their arguments, and if you’re interested in supporting Debate Mate, please visit their website at www.debatemate.com 

    As promised, here is Andrew Hirst’s presentation, AIM-ing to invest and reduce inheritance tax.

    In this presentation, Andrew discusses the AIM market and the inheritance tax benefits that it can provide.

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