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    The results from the annual client survey have just come in and we are pleased to say the overall scores and feedback have been outstanding

    The results from the annual client survey have just come in and we are pleased to say the overall scores and feedback have been outstanding. The time which clients spend filling in this survey is greatly appreciated as it allows us to review our current service and make any necessary changes to meet their needs – we would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who participated. We send out a questionnaire with a series of questions in which they can rate 1-5. There is also an open ended question where clients are free to add any feedback and comments, both good and bad which we can address.

    Our approach to communication strategy is greatly appreciated by most clients with the majority reading our publications. The favourite for most clients is our monthly investment newsletter, a publication which keeps them up to date on changes in the markets and our investment strategy. The newsletter, alongside Equinox and Taking Stock can be found on our Resources page.

    Our events remain popular too with over 50% of all clients still attending seminars regularly. We present 15 seminars a year, which aim to give an overview of our approach to investments and client’s needs alongside a current topic of interest. They also allow for those in the early stages of communicating with Equilibrium to get the full feel of the company. 65% of clients rated the usefulness of these seminars 4 or above.

    At Equilibrium we are renowned for our friendly expert and personal approach.  Over 95% of clients stated that the level of service they received from us had at least met, if not exceeded, their expectations. Over 98% of clients rated us 4 or above on their satisfaction of meetings with advisers, where all clients financial needs and objectives are considered.

    Thanks to everyone who raised specific points and made suggestions for improvements. We’re working on them!

    All testimonials from those clients who kindly allowed us to use their comments on our website, can be found on our Testimonial Page.

    If you didn’t have chance to fill in our client survey or would just like to leave us some feedback in general, please feel free to do so via The Disc directory, click here.

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