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    Masterclasses in momentum

    Keeping our clients informed has been a core part of what we do here at Equilibrium and since our inception 28 years ago, this has largely been achieved through seminars. In fact, the first seminar Colin (Founder) hosted was in 1997. It was entitled ‘Live well and leave a legacy’ and we still run a developed version of it today – Live the life you want, look after those you love, and leave a powerful legacy. The seminars ran on a grand scale and would often accommodate over 50 attendees at a time, typically in a large hall.

    The new masterclasses are an evolution of the old seminar format, one that would feel very different from what you may have experienced before. The topic of each masterclass is driven by the experiences one may face in life (find out more: Experience Equilibrium) and demands a mix of learning, personal reflection, and sometimes clear action. Aimed to be more informal in nature, with numbers capped at 16, we knew we already had the perfect space to host these events – where else but our head office, Ascot House!

    This set-up enabled us to respond to questions and answers, offer a wider picture of the subject matter, including real-life case studies that people can relate to, and ultimately, explain the ‘why’ behind the importance of each topic. We believe our latest evolution provides a richer opportunity to make people’s lives better.

    With current topics covering essential planning around Powers of Attorney and the Care Conundrum, we felt it was vitally important to encourage interaction among attendees. A presentation simply on the cost of care is useful but a masterclass on funding care and how a care plan can look, with live discussion and sharing of stories, is invaluable. We are incredibly fortunate to look after over 1,300 clients and each has incredible stories and insights that make these experiences even more powerful.

    To date, we have hosted 24 masterclasses, and it is no exaggeration to say that everyone has been different as we tailor it to the audience on the night or more recently, the morning. The feedback received after each event has also highlighted attendees’ preferences for the masterclass format and of being heard, rather than simply being presented to.

    What to expect on the day…

    You will be met at the door by one of our friendly team members, who will escort you to our common area known as “The Mess” – obviously we are not a military organisation, but the name just fits our hub of activity. Before the presentation, there’s time to help yourself to a variety of food and drink and mingle with other attendees.

    The presentation itself lasts no more than an hour and you will be invited to share your thoughts and discuss the topic along the way. At the end, there will be a question-and-answer session for those who choose to stay.

    What to expect in the future…

    Equilibrium’s overarching plan, at the time of writing, is to have over 12 experiences in play by the end of next year. With topics ranging from ‘Relishing or resisting retirement’, ‘Rapid responsibility’, and ‘Law in order’, we strongly encourage clients to attend topics that matter to them. There are some we view as core, which everyone should attend, such as ‘Your life plan’, while ‘Setting sale’, is targeted to business owners and naturally more circumstance-driven. The evolution from the traditional seminar format to a smaller, more bespoke one is intended to improve the experience our clients have with us and leave them feeling more informed about subjects that are important to them.


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