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    For those facing mental health struggles, it can feel like you’re carrying a heavy burden all on your own. You may desperately want to talk about what’s going on inside your head, but sometimes taking that first step in opening up can feel nearly impossible. 

    This was the experience of Piers Stacey, Founder of Hollow Heart, following a 19-year career in the Royal Marines and Royal Navy. For some time, he was feeling anxious, angry and was constantly on high alert. Lost in a haze of emotions, he found himself uncertain of the situation unfolding before him. Despite the consuming urge to confide in someone, he struggled to articulate his thoughts. It wasn’t until he reached a breaking point, questioning his life, that he was able to open up to his wife. Fortunately, she is also a clinical psychologist, and with her support, he was able to get on the right path to receiving the help he needed. He was referred to the regional veteran’s mental health team where the Royal Marines Association, an organisation which supports serving and veteran Royal Marines, provided him with 24 sessions of therapy. 

    Following this, Piers found himself in a much better place but recognised that not everyone has the same support system that he did. Hence, Piers founded Hollow Heart in September 2022. 

    Hollow Heart’s vision is to encourage more people to have mental health and wellbeing conversations sooner. And they’ve come up with an ingenious way to do just that – a heart-shaped pin that is to be worn as a symbol of openness and compassion. It’s crucial to note that wearing the pin doesn’t require any formal training; rather, it signifies a willingness to listen. 

    We can all play a part in encouraging mental wellbeing. 

    As an individual, wearing the heart-shaped pin shows not only your support for Hollow Heart’s initiative but also communicates to others that you are a safe person to talk to. 

    If you are a business owner, partnering with Hollow Heart is an excellent way to recognise the significance of mental health in the workplace and demonstrates your commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. 

    Hollow Heart is also dedicated to bolstering the efforts of established charities through strategic partnerships. By joining forces, they can reach even more individuals and make an even greater impact. 

    As the movement gains momentum and more people, businesses and charities wear the heart-shaped pin, the collective power of these compassionate allies will only continue to grow. Together, through conversation, we can save lives. 

    If you would like to buy a pin or find out more about business and charity partnerships, please visit www.hollow-heart.com.


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