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    Equilibrium 2007


    What else happened in this year?

    In finance…

    Annual UK Inflation: 2.12% CPI

    Bank base rate:

    • 11 January 2.2500
    • 6 December 5.5000

    IHT threshold: £300,000

    In the charts…

    • X Factor winner Leona Lewis released her debut album Spirit to widespread commercial success,the lead single from the album, Bleeding Love,also went on to become the bestselling single of the year. 
    • New chart rules introduced in January allowed all songs legally downloaded on the internet to be counted toward chart positions

    On the screen…

    • Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series continues its successful run, with the 3rd instalment At World’s End taking the box office top spot in 2007, grossing over $963,000,000. 

    Around the world…

    • January 1 – Bulgaria and Romania join the European Union. Slovenia also adopts the Euro as its currency, becoming the thirteen country to do so. 
    • June 29 – The 1st generation of the iPhone is released

    In the UK…

    • June 27 – Following the resignation of Tony Blair as leader of the Labour party, Gordon Brown become Prime Minister of the UK. 
    • September 14 – Northern Rock suffers the first bank run in 150 years and seeks, and receives, a liquidity support facility from the Bank of England.

    Mike Deverell joined the team as Investment Manager and our model portfolios were also created for clients.  

    Today we now have three strategic portfolios which act as the long term target asset allocation for the majority of our clients. These include our cautious, balanced and adventurous portfolios. 

    Key events

    • Mike Deverell joined the team 
    • Our model portfolios were created 


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